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2200W Heat Element Kit

Heat Element can be installed into your own Kettle for making a boiler

5L glass Demijohns with Swing lids

5L Demijohns with lids for spirits/Water storage

60L Ampi Style Carboy Fermenter

This is a heavy duty Ampi Style 60L fermenter for brewing beer, wine or fruit cider.

Brewing Paddle 60cm Long

Brewing paddle for mixing sugar 60cm Long

Counter Flow Wort Chiller Kit

The counter flow wort chiller is a fast way to chill down your wort from boiling to cool with high efficiency. The chiller got copper coil inside, and rubber cover outside. The wort shall flow inside, while the cooling water flow between copper coil and rubber cover on counter flow direction. This design will make the work chill down fast.

Fermentasaurus Pressure Kit

For customers that want to pressurise the Fermentasaurus a special pressure lid is supplied that includes a pressure relief valve and stainless ball lock posts (These are the same posts that are often seen on home brewing kegs). This special pressurisable lid is also supplied with a silicon dip tube with float (As shown below). The floating dip tube is a design that when the product is drawn out of the Fermentasaurus it is always drawn from the top where the beer is most clear. This greatly improves the speed at which you can drink clear beer directly from the fermenter.

Heavy Duty 60L Fermenter Kit

This is a heavy duty with 2 parts screw lid and flexible handles use for brewing beer, wine or fruit cider. It is made of food grade PET material with airlock, stick-on thermometer, tap and grommet.

Lid for 30L Pail Fermenter

The lid for 30L Pail fermenter

Mangrov Jack's Cold Water Detergent

Effectively cleans and deodorises everything you use for brewing, wine making and distilling.

2 Handle Emily Capper

2 Handle Emilly Capper

30L American Pail Fermenter Kit

30L American Pail Fermenter Kit

30L Ampi Style Screw Lid Fermenter Kit

High-Quality HDPE food-grade Fermenter kit

35L Digital Turbo Boiler

35L Digital temperature controlled turbo boiler

3-scale Hydrometer

3 Scale Hydrometer

63 Arms Bottle Tree

63 Arms Bottle Tree
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