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In Australia, it is an offense under the Excise Act to sell or buy a still without the proper permission and licenses from the ATO.

To conforming the legal requirement from ATO, we shall not sell any stills over 5 Liters but only sell the still parts and boilers on their own.

All other stills smaller than 5 Liters we are selling can only be sold for water or essential oil distillation purposes. We strongly recommend our customers who want to enter this fun hobby just purchase still parts and boilers on their own as well.

It is the exception for those distilleries who want, or already obtained proper licenses from ATO, we are glad to apply for proper licenses before we sell the stills to you.


What's new?

- New Impressence Range Spirits Flavour essences arrive! 

- New Pacific Pale Ale Fresh wort kit and Tropical Ale from All-Inn 

- Wine bottles with cork finish has arrived. 

- 240V/800W Electrical Crusher/Grinder and 20L/40L Hydropress Press has arrived





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