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 Q1: Can I enjoy post free if my shopping over $100 as what we enjoyed before?

 A: It depends. Instead of enjoy free postage, we shall give customers "Reward points" to compensate major shipping cost as listed below:

        Reward rate: 1 point/$10 Purchasing

                           1 point = $1 for future Deduction


Q2: Can I pickup my order at your store or at the place of Glen Waverly?

 A: Yes, you always can pickup your order at store during working hour. You can pay online or pay at store;  However, if you want to pickup at Glen wavery, either you need pay in advance so that I can leave the order at Glen Waverly, or you have to contact us and pickup by appointment.


Q3: I'm one of membership at your store, can I enjoy the discount as what I do if I shop online?

A: Sorry, we can not link the membership at store with your account online. However, you will enjoy same discount to all order online once you regist to a registed customer.


Q4: Can I enjoy bulk buy price if I buy from your store?

A: Yes, but only if you have ordered in advance or you can wait about one week till we have enough for your order. We recommend you buy online and pickup at store when you receive our confirmation.