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Ultimate Spirits Carbon Filter only

Best spirits filter for making your own spirits. The spirits will be filtrated when passing through the carbon housing where store the activated carbon slowly. Remove all off-flavors in the end and by-products when distillation. This is the filter part only, no bucket

Vintner's Harvest Campden Tablets x 50

Campden Tablets are used for sterilising and stabilising wine.1 tablet for 5L water

30L Ampi Style Screw Lid Fermenter Kit

High-Quality HDPE food-grade Fermenter kit

Airlock S shape

Airlock S shape

Brewery Cleaner 400g

Sodium Percarbonate 400g for cleaning brewing equipments.

Food-grade 10mm ID/14mm OD Semi-transparent Silicone Hose

The price is per meter, we cut as what you bought.
From $4.50

Food-grade 12mm ID/16mm OD Silicone Hose

Food grade High-quality Silicon hose cut to length needed.
From $5.50
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