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Saturday, May 9, 2020

From today onwards, the homebrew shop in Woori Yallock will no more run under business name of "Brewer's Choice", it shall have a new name soon as it has sold to new owner Mr.Daniel Fulford, who runs the shop as manager since May of this year.

There will be nothing change for customers who regularly shop at woori Yallock store, but there will be an impact for those customers who used to place orders online and pick up at woori yallock store,  as it shall take some time for Daniel to set up his website. Meanwhile, we shall run our business at Bayswater with our online business as normal except provide service to pick up at woori yallock.


Anyway, thanks a lot to those customers who stay with me for nearly 7 years around woori yalloc, and welcome visit our new store at Bayswater, hope can see you soon in a short time after release of lockdown.


Best Wishes


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8/3/2020 7:52 PM
Delivery to Healesville

Hello. I'm in Healesville. Is it possible to place an order and get delivery to Healesvile? I'm wanting to order a few All in Brewing wort kits and a Ginger Beer kit. Thanks

Glenn Riley